Home use small model wheat flour machine with screen capacity 30-40kg/h,flour fineness 80-100mesh

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Recently we VOS machiner research and develop a new product, home use small model wheat flour machine.It is a good news for people which like natural flour without additive, they could use the machine to produce the natural flour for themselves and their family.

The small model wheat flour machine is with the capacity 30-40kg wheat, small power 1.5kw, light weight 80kg,flour fineness 80-100 mesh.
consists of hopper,milling head,round sieve,and machine frame.

The small wheat flour machine not only could mill wheat,but also could mill maize,sorghum,dry cassava and other grains.The flour from the machine is rich in various kinds of Trace elements and vitamins, without damage to flour protein, no pollution.

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